TD-bu, Top Down, Bottom Up

TD-bu is the way we think, see, feel and perceive.  TD-bu is an acronym for Top Down Bottom Up. 


It’s how we put it all together. 


An eagle is a good example.  The eagle soars the skies looking for food.  From above the eagle sees the landscape blending together to make familiar patterns until the mouse catches his eye.  The eagle then fixes his gaze on the mouse bringing into focus the detail of its surroundings to secure his dinner.


TD-bu, like the eagle, shows an overall pattern from a distance.  Sometimes a familiar pattern, sometimes an overall emotion with color, texture, and perspective.  Get closer and the patterns within the patterns offer another world.  The micro patterns of detail and the large patterns of shape are like ourselves. 


I am human, I am a woman, but come closer and I am the cosmos of thought, experience, detail and uniqueness.  My TD-bu art is the reflection of what makes us similar, but also wonderfully and strangely unique. 

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